Vampire Sampler

Vampire Sampler

The Vampire sampler can be used to take samples from liquids easily, even from deeper depths.

The portable sampling pump consists of a mains-independent drive unit, a pump head, and a delivery hose.

The medium being sampled is directed via the closed hose system directly into the sample container.

The sample only comes in contact with the hoses and the sample bottle.

This excludes the risk of impurities and contamination because the hoses are easy to clean and can also be replaced easily if necessary.

The self-priming peristaltic pump is also suitable for substances that are dirty or contain particles with a maximum viscosity of 500 mPas.

The gently pumping does not change the sample.

Thanks to a suction depth of 5 meters, the battery-powered Vampire sampler easily pumps samples, even from sampling points at lower depths, for example from barrels, tanks, wells, water traps, or wastewater and sewage treatment plants.

The portable sampler is easy to handle and carry. The pump attachment is easy to attach to the drive unit and the hoses can be changed quickly.

The sample bottle is fastened directly onto the sampling instrument by a bottle basket.

The hose pump is perfect for sampling liquid substances in industrial applications such as beverage production or monitoring water quality for environmental protection.

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