Understanding IoT Networks

For environmental monitoring, in the natural and built environments, IoT provides near real-time data from sensors deployed to monitor the physical environment. Sensing requirements and applications are broad. 

Examples can range from a geotechnical engineer monitoring soil drainage on a landfill site to a forester looking at rates of carbon sequestration in a native plantation.

Real-time data collection provides information for real-time asset management, offsets labor-intensive data collection, and provides surety of data collection for research applications.

The IoT technology used for data delivery will vary between site and sensing requirements; there is no one technology that will best suit every application.

Because ICT International’s focus is always on sense, our approach to IoT is agnostic; providing a suite of IoT Nodes that will support the most appropriate sensors for the application while also providing the best form of connectivity for the installation site and monitoring network.

Produk IoT: