Temperature Data Logger

Temperature Data Logger RC-5+TE

Elitech RC-5+ USB temperature data logger features a plug-and-play USB port interface and allows for faster access to data collected in any cold chain management process. This could be used in pharmaceuticals, food, life science, cooler boxes, medical cabinets, fresh food cabinets, freezer or laboratories.
Different from the normal USB temperature data logger, the RC-5+ temperature data logger has two types of alarms–single and cumulative alarm.
Its robust and compact design satisfies the dynamic demands in any sensitive storage and transportation system. It records real time temperature that is stored in non-volatile memory for access via the USB port.

PASSWORD PROTECTION FOR PDF REPORT: Data could be queried, saved, printed and exported in Word/Excel/TXT /PDF format. More important, the RC-5+ USB data logger can generate PDF report automatically and support password protection for PDF report which can help the user to protect the data.
AUTOMATIC BACKUP: Connect the RC-5+ to the computer, PDF report will be uploaded to database which is very convenient to search the history of recordings.
REUSE: Elitech RC-5+ USB data logger can be used repeatedly, different from the single-use data logger, which can cut your costs.
FACTORY DEFAULT PARAMETER SETTING: You can use the data logger after booting, no need to install software.


– Plug and play USB port
– Cold drain management
– Faster Data Access


– Pharmaceuticals
– Food & Beverage
– Laboratories

Temperature Measurement:

– Range Internal Sensor : (-300 C~+700 C)
– External probe : (-400 C ~+850 C)
– Accuracy : ±0.50 C/ (-200 C – 400 C)
– Resolution : 0.10 C
– Data Capacity : 32,00 readings
– Logging Interval : 10sec-24hr
– Protection Grade : IP67

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