Automated Aardvark Permeameter


Automated Aardvark Permeameter Product Overview These kit consist of an Aardvark Permeameter Kit (2840K1) for measurements shallower  than 3 m ( 11 ft) or 2840K2 for measurements deeper than 3 m) and a Digital Scale (7201W10) which can be connected to a personal computer (not included) and record the measurements automatically and accurately, using the Simply Data Software

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Automatic Infiltration Meter

Infiltration Meter

Automatic Infiltration Meter The Automatic infiltration Meter (AIM) is an automated solution for the measurement of infiltration rate in soils. The AIM is a convenient solution for infiltration measurements that saves researchers time. The AIM relieves researchers’ time. The AIM relieves researchers of the need to manually monitor their infiltro meter with a stopwatch and notepad. The

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HandiTrase TDR Soilmoisture Meter w/FCT Probe This kit Includes: HandiTrase handheld TDR unit & Software 40cm Coated Field Probe (Slammer) (For High EC soils) Universal Charger for HandiTrase Unit 3 ft. micro USB to USB-A Cable. Quick Start Insert Card. Instructional video and pdf’s are loaded in the unit. TDR SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: Works with all of

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PAN LYSIMETER, BUCKET TYPE, 5 GALLONS Description A Pan Lysimeter (pore water sampler) is the perfect device for taking samples in conditions of soil saturation and subsequent drainage conditions. Placed near the surface or at some depth, it provides a good way to collect soluble agrochemical surface residue,  near surface salt accumulations (created over the

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HAND PENETROMETER KIT Often the soil structure that will play the most important factor in a relationship of porosity or strength is the layers under the immediate surface. Layers of hardpan, a layer susceptible to compaction all are hidden from shallow surface investigations. The perfect instrument to determine foundation acceptability for buildings, compaction characteristics of

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