Soil Moisture Meter SMM

Soil Moisture Meter

Soil Moisture Meter

Soil Moisture Meter

The Soil Moisture Meter (SMM) is a stand-alone logging instrument for the measurement of soil volumetric moisture content of soils and other materials.

The SMM can support up to 10 x standing wave sensors (MP406 or MP306) or up to 10 x capacitance sensors.

The SMM is a fully self-contained unit requiring power input form a 20 Volt/20W solar panel (field applications) or 24 V DC power supply (laboratory applications).

Communication is via a USB port or ICT wireless connectivity.

The SMM logger is IP-65 rated and is controlled by a Windows and Mac driven GUI (Combined Instrument Software) or complete logging solutions including look-up table, scripts, and sensor calibration capabilities.


  • Power Management
  • Internal Lithium-Polymer Battery
  • Power On/Off Switch
  • Internal Voltage Regulator


  • Soil Volumetric Moisture Content (%)
  • Forest and Catchment Hydrology
  • Irrigation Scheduling
  • Soil Columns and Geo-Engineering


  • Stand-Alone Logging USB Connectivity
  • 24-Bit Resolution
  • MicroSD Expendable
  • Wireless Data Transfer
  • IP65 rated
  • ICT Combined Instrument Software


The MPKit-306 is a complete sensor and meter setup for the measurement of volumetric soil moisture for scientific research, agriculture, and civil engineering.

The MPKit has set the standard for the most reliable and convenient portable soil moisture sensor, designed for portable and convenient measurement of volumetric soil moisture content in sports fields, irrigation monitoring, mine sites, and landfills. Unlike other portable instruments, the MPKit does not need calibration and is not affected by temperature. Measurements take 3 seconds and can be stored on the MPM160 Hand Held Meter. Stored measurements can be transferred to a computer.

The robust design and quality manufacturing materials leave the MPKit as the most robust portable soil moisture instrument. The sensor needles are stainless steel and are embedded in a reinforced body. The MPKit has been reliably used in the softest soils to the hardest, most stony soils.

The MPKit now has the industry reputation as the go-to instrument for portable measurements of soil water content.

It is also used to measure the moisture content in materials used in mining, roadway, and buildings. The material that can be measured is often soil but can be any composition of non-metallic powdered, liquid, or solid substance into which the needles are inserted. It is especially suitable for mineral stockpiles, mine tailings, and sand for batch mixing of concrete.

The MP306 Soil Moisture Sensor can also measure soil water potential via the SMM Soil Moisture Meter and a soil water characteristic curve.

The sensors is comprised of a compact body, with needles arranged in a single plane, making it ideal for use in soil columns. It is also ideally suited to measuring pots in glasshouses and growth cabinets; as well as measuring discrete soils layers in soil columns or soil profiles.. The MP306 can also be installed in the field, with a lifespan of more than 20 years in the most extreme conditions.

The MP306 can be used to take continuous measurements over a long period of time through permanent or temporary burial and connection to a SMM Soil Moisture Meter.

MP306 Soil Moisture Sensor Features:

– Volumetric Soil Water Content (%) or can simultaneously measure soil water potential

– Highly accurate and precise

– Robust, stainless steel needles and epoxy body

– Measures in saline, toxic and high temperature soils

– Rapid measurement

– Can be buried for up to 20 years

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