Sample Spatula

SteriPlast® Sample Spatula

The SteriPlast® sample spatula made of polystyrene is produced and assembled in our cleanroom of class 7 (10,000), individually packaged for disposable use, and then sterilized by gamma rays.

​As a result of the long, ergonomically shaped, stable handle and a sharp blade, it is possible to even penetrate directly into containers such as paper or plastic sacks. The sample spatula is ideal for sampling powders, granulates and pastes.

​The scoop with a transparent sealing sleeve can be closed again immediately after sampling and the exclusion of contamination can be safeguarded for the sterile sample taken.

– PS, white

– Individually packaged and sterilized by gamma rays

– Production, assembly, and packaging according to clean room class 7

– Complies with EU food requirements and FDA regulations

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