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Ultrasonic baths PR 140 D / DH

Short cleaning times – no time-consuming washing.
Also suitable for plastic pipettes, burettes, and other glassware.​


– Gentle cleaning of glass volume-measuring devices and parts with lengths up to 755 mm

– Heating optional (DH) for dissolving grease residues

– Robust tank made of stainless steel (AISI 304)

– Kipp handles for easy transport

– Placement on the floor nearby the drain

– Cleaning liquid for multiple use, fast emptying by ball valve

Ready-to-use set:

Ultrasonic bath PR 140 D or PR 140 DH

– Basket K 140 B
– Lid D 140 D
– Cleaning concentrates
  TICKOPUR R 33 – 5 litres
  TICKOPUR TR 3 – 1 litre

Code no. PR 140 D = 2069
Code no. PR 140 DH = 2070

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