Oxygen Sensor

MO-200 Portable Oxygen Meter

The MO-200 is designed to measure 5 – 100% oxygen while the handheld meter displays and stores measurements.

The wide measurement range allows it to be used for applications either in the soil or in the lab with the available diffusion or flow-through heads.

The sensor is calibrated to ambient air making it very easy to calibrate. An aluminum housing that is filled with epoxy allows the sensor to withstand harsh conditions

  • Designed to measure 0 – 100% Oxygen in soil, growth media, air, or in-line tubing (flow-through applications)
  • Includes temperature sensor to compensate for temperature changes
  • Integrated heater prevents condensation for use in conditions where relative humidity can reach 100%
  • Available in sensor-only version with pigtail leads (for dataloggers) or with handheld meter

SO-411 SDI-12: Soil Response Thermistor Reference Oxygen Sensor

The SO-411 has a standard response time of 60 seconds, is designed for use in soil applications, and has high-quality cable terminating in pre-tinned pigtail leads for easy connection to dataloggers and controllers. It comes with a thermistor temperature sensor to correct for temperature changes and a resistive heater to raise the temperature of the membrane approximately two degrees above ambient temperature to keep condensation from occurring on the Teflon membrane and blocking the diffusion path of the sensor.

Typical applications include measurement of O2 in laboratory experiments, monitoring gaseous O2 in indoor environments for climate control, monitoring of O2 levels in compost piles and mine sailings, monitoring redox potential in soils, and determination of respiration rates through measurement of O2 consumption in sealed chambers or measurement of O2 gradients in soil/porous media.

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