Ultrasonic Water Level Monitoring

LVL-NODE: Ultrasonic Water Level Monitoring

LVL-NODE: Ultrasonic Water Level Monitoring

Ultrasonic Water Level Monitoring

A low-maintenance ultrasonic level sensor with LoRaWAN is a drop-in solution for monitoring all types of fluid levels.

Automatic threshold-based alarms for low or high-level conditions are reported in seconds, reducing response time.

Backed by long-range low-power LoRa radio, each sensor has a designed battery life of up to 15 years with daily reporting.

The ultrasonic sensor is designed to be mounted above the target fluid to be monitored and automatically filters out echoes from minor obstructions (different filtering available on request).

A ruggedised version with IP67-rated connectors and corrosion resistant sensors is available. Integrating incoming data into existing systems is as easy as connecting to a LoRaWAN server and receiving data within seconds of it being sent.

Key Features:

  • LoRaWAN low-power long-range connectivity, & Multi-Constellation GNSS;
  • Up to 10 metres ±1 cm precision, 5 metres with ±1mm precision;
  • Up to 15 years battery life with multiple reports per day;
  • Fully reconfigurable via USB or LoRaWAN downlink;
  • Level alarm mode with periodic sampling.

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