LiquiSampler for liquids, according to DIN EN ISO 15528. Made of ultra pure and chemically inert PTFE/FEP or PP for contamination-free sampling.

Sampling from open and closed containers, barrels, tanks, silos, water courses. Suitable for all commercially available barrels and containers with opening of at least 32 mm in diameter.

Easy cleaning – all surfaces are free of pores and crevices, preventing accumulation of dirt. Only round screw threads proven in foodstuffs hygiene are used. Disassembly and cleaning are extremely simple.

All-layer sample

– Slowly insert the LiquiSampler into the liquid with the button pressed.

– Release the push-button, the valve closes.

– Withdraw the lance and take out the sample.

Point sampling/bottom sample

– Insert the LiquiSampler to the targeted point/to the ground with closed valve.

– Press the button – the liquid flows in.

– Release the push-button, the valve closes.

– Pull out the LiquiSampler, take out the sample.

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