The Nexus 8

The Nexus 8

The Nexus 8 The NEXUS 8 range of LoRaWAN™ gateways combine a highperformance LoRaWAN™ radio with multiple back-haul technologies, simplifying the deployment of IoT networks in urban and rural areas. The 8-channel low-power long-range LoRa® ISM-band radio is suitable for coordinating thousands of IoT devices within a radius of up to 25 km. Off-the-grid rural […]

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Universal Telemetry Hub (C-NODE)

Universal Telemetry Hub (C-NODE) The ICT International Universal Telemetry Hub (C-NODE) is a modular communications platform designed specifically for remote data collection, forming the foundation for specialised scientific and industrial monitoring networks. The C-NODE collects and locally stores data from ICT International data loggers and LoRa Nodes, and backhauls to the cloud via Satellite (using

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