Automatic Infiltration Meter

Infiltration Meter

Automatic Infiltration Meter

Automatic Infiltration Meter

The Automatic infiltration Meter (AIM) is an automated solution for the measurement of infiltration rate in soils.

The AIM is a convenient solution for infiltration measurements that saves researchers time.

The AIM relieves researchers’ time. The AIM relieves researchers of the need to manually monitor their infiltro meter with a stopwatch and notepad.

The AIM automatically calculates cumulative infiltration (cm) as a function of time.

Converted and unconverted data is stored within the AIM and can be downloaded as a CSV file for further data manipulation and analysis.

The AIM can support up to 5x Tension Infiltrometers or your own infiltro meter/permeameter with installation advice from ICT International.

The AIM is a fully self-contained unit with 4GB data logging capacity and an internal battery that will last several days of fieldwork.

The battery is easily recharged with a 24 V power supply (CH24). Communication is via a USB port or wireless connectivity. The AIM is IP-65 rated and has a Windows-driven GUI interface.


  • Unsaturated and saturated hydraulic conductivity
  • Hydrological modeling
  • Run-off and groundwater recharge estimation
  • Irrigation practices
  • Wastewater and mine site management


  • Standalone, wireless data logging
  • Automatic conversion of pressure transducer measurements to cumulative infiltration
  • Up to 5 X pressure transducers per AIM
  • Low power requirement in the field, recharge battery at night
  • IP-65 weatherproof rated

Tension Infiltrometer

The SMS tension infiltrometer is designed to add water to soil at a range of tensions, which can be set by the operator of the instrument. By performing infiltration experiments at multiple tensions, one obtains data on the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity at the various tensions.

The range of tensions that can be set is (for practical reasons) limited to tensions between 0 and –30 cm H2O. By setting the tension at or close to zero, one could obtain an infiltration rate that approximates the saturated hydraulic conductivity.


– On-site determination of hydraulic properties

– Disc can be separated from the water tower or mounted under the water tower

– Requires low volume of water

– Adjustable tension settings

– Flow rates are determined from changes in the water level inside the water tower

– Flow rates can also be determined from changes in the water level recorded with a datalogger, connected to a pressure transducer and attached to the water tower

– Polycarbonate and acrylic materials

– Available with nylon or stainless steel mesh screen membranes

Specifications20 cm Model8 cm Model
Diameter Disc20 cm8 cm
Inside Diameter Water Reservoir5.1 cm2.54 cm
Inside Diameter Bubbling Tower2.54 cm2.54 cm
Length Water Reservoir81 cm81 cm
Bubbling Pressure Membrane30 cm H2O30 cm H2O
Carrying Case Dimensions(optional)28cm x 36cm x 107cm28cm x 36cm x 107cm
Pressure Transducer1 psi (67 cm H2O)1 psi (67 cm H2O)

Minidisk Infiltrometer

The Mini Disk Infiltrometer is ideal for field measurements; due to its compact size, the water needed to operate it can easily be carried in a personal water bottle. It is also practical for lab and classroom use, in demonstrating basic concepts of soil hydraulic conductivity.

Mini-disk Infiltrometers provide quick and convenient measurement of soil hydraulic conductivity. The infiltrometer is constructed of a polycarbonate tube with a semi-permeable stainless steel sintered disk.

An adjustable steel tube is installed above the sample chamber to regulate the suction rate. The infiltrometers are ideal for soil hydrology studies, classroom instruction, and many other applications that rely on accurate measurement of hydraulic conductivity. The suction rate can be adjusted to accommodate measurement of any soil type.

Mini-disk Tension Infiltrometer Features
Water movement in soil is spatially variable. The Mini Disk Infiltrometer is a quick way to test unsaturated hydraulic conductivity and infiltration rates.

Small, compact, and simple, the Mini Disk Infiltrometer is a true field instrument. It can be tossed into a backpack with a bottle of water. Adjustable suction and a porous stainless steel contact plate assure a reliable soil unsaturated hydraulic conductivity measurement.

Just fill the reservoir, set the suction, and start measuring infiltration. You don’t have to pre-saturate the disk.

Enter the infiltration and elapsed time data in the included spreadsheet calculator to find unsaturated hydraulic conductivity.

Both scientists and technicians have used the Mini Disk Infiltrometer to design irrigation systems, demonstrate hydraulic conductivity, evaluate erosion hazard, and gauge the impact of forest fires. It’s ideal for irrigation system design, classroom instruction, erosion hazard evaluation, burn severity studies, and many other applications.


Total Length:32.7 cm
Diameter of Tube:3.1 cm
Volume of Water Required to Operate:135 ml
Sintered Stainless Steel Disc:4.5 cm diameter, 3 mm thick
Length of Water Reservoir:21.2 cm
Length of Suction Regulation Tube:10.2 cm
Length of Mariotte Tube:28 cm
Suction Range:0.5 to 7 cm of suction

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