ThermoHygro Data Logger

Thermohygro Data Logger GSP-6

The data logger is mainly used to record the temperature and humidity of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc. in storage and transportation. It is applicable to each link in the storage and logistics of the cold chains, such as generated containers, refrigerator trucks, cooler bags, cool cabinets, medicine nets, cold storage, laboratory, etc.

Package included: 1 x GSP-6
Data Logger; 1 x USB Cable;
1 X External Temperature Sensor;
1 X Combined Temperature-humidity Sensor:
1 X Validation Certicate 1 X User Manual


Dimension: 118 (length) * 61,5 (width) * 19 (height) (mm)

Technical parameters

– Temperature measuring range: -40°C~85°C
– Temperature accuracy: +0.5°C(-20°C~40°C); 11°C (others)
– Humidity range: 10%-99%
– Humidity accuracy: +3%RH (25°C,20%~90%RH); +5%RH (others)
– Resolution: temperature 0.1°C, humidity 0.1%RH
– Record capacity: 16000 points (MAX)
– Record interval: 10 sec ~ 24 hours continuously set
– Data interface: USB
– Power supply: single-use 3.6V lithium battery or powered via USB
– Battery life: two years at room temperature with 15-minute record interval buzzer alarm disabled
– Ambient temperature: -30°C~70°C. In a low-temperature environment, the screen displays normal records slowly. It will display data normally when the ambient temperature returns to normal.

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