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Dipping Bottles

Dipping Bottles

Dipping bottle with a glass container for sampling in sewage plants, for mud and water samples.

For testing crude oil, liquid mineral oil products, fuels, special and test fuels, fuel oils, petroleum and liquid lubricants of Hazard Categories IIA and IIB.

Completely made from non-spark producing materials.

Dipping frame made of nickel-plated brass, easy-click closure made of electrically conductive polyamide.

Dipping containers are used in various areas to collect liquids for sampling.

Bürkle produces the most comprehensive collection of dipping containers by a long way, the right product for every use as it were.

Bürkle offers dipping bottles and immersion cylinders for sediments, for the area of environmental issues, for chemically aggressive products, for petrochemistry, for the ex protection area, etc.

The dipping bottles for the Ex protection area are made of nickel-plated brass, therefore they do not oxidize.

Dipping vessels can be used for point sampling, all-layer samples, and bottom sampling.

Dipping vessels are heavy. Lowering requires the use of special manually operated drum reels with a large winding diameter.

Other manually operated drum reels place too much strain on the user’s wrist and could represent a health hazard.

Lowering cables and chains made from different materials, as well as manually-operated drum reels, also for Ex-proof applications, available as accessories.

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Dipping Bottles

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