DBL60 Logging Band Dendrometer


DBL60 Logging Band Dendrometer

DBL60 Logging Band Dendrometer

The DBL60 is the scientific standard for dendrometer measurements on trees. It is a standalone instrument with an internal logger and battery.

The logger has a memory capacity of 50,000 readings and the battery can last up to 5 years. Communications are via an infrared communications link with a dedicated, Windows-based software interface.

No programming is required. Simply install the DBL60 onto the tree and set a logging interval.


– Trunk Growth Monitoring
– Irrigation Management


– Rotary position sensor
– Step-less reading
– No upper limit in stem diameter    
– Built-in datalogger
– IR data access
– Optional internal temperature logging
– Non-invasive fixing
– High resolution (1 μm)

DBM80 Manual Band Dendrometer

Manual band Dendrometers, or increment gauges, are used extensively in commercial forestry and forest research. They are a very reliable and low cost method of accurately measuring and monitoring tree growth rates. In many applications, tree growth rate data is sufficient on its own, such as in commercial forest mensuration. Tree growth rate data can also be very useful to combine with sap flow data to correlate water use with tree growth. If you wish to compare diurnal stem fluctuations and correlate this against diurnal sap flow patterns it is recommended that you consider one of ICT International’s continuous logging dendrometer options.

– Low Cost
– Accurate Laser printed scale
– High resolution
– Reusable with new tape
– No Upper stem diameter limit
– All stainless steel components

Minimum Stem Diameter:8 cm
Increment Range:0 – 80 mm
Resolution:1 mm
Strength:5 to 15 N
Weight:10 gm
Tape Spool Length:15 m
Tape Spool Width:12 mm

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