Close-it Control Seal

Close-it Control Seal for General

Close-it Control Seal for General

Close-it Control Seal

Taking samples from sacks, boxes, bags, etc. with sampling lances is a common and time-proven practice.

This produces holes through which easily flowing bulk goods could escape from the container. With the close-it seal, this can be prevented in an uncomplicated manner.

close-it has been specially developed for this purpose. The label has a sandwich-type structure (aluminum/paper) and seals the container hermetically (vapor barrier).

This virtually prevents hygroscopic powders from clumping together. The label is not just used to provide a hermetic seal. It is also used for providing quality control information (sampling date, release yes/no, name of tester, etc.).

The labels are available in different colors. With printing in red, blue, green, yellow, black, neutral, without printing in white.

close-it can be written on with a ball-point pen, pencil, or felt-tip marker.

The rear of the label is coated with a powerful adhesive. This means that close-it sticks firmly to most commercial containers, even to surfaces coated with fine powder, slightly moist, or even frozen surfaces where conventional labels or adhesive tape will not stick.

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