Root Imager

CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager

Non-destructive, high-resolution root images Capture high-resolution digital images of living roots in the soil to monitor growth and behavior over multiple seasons with the CI-600 In-Situ Root Imager.

Transparent acrylic root tubes installed in the soil allow plant roots growing naturally around the tube to be imaged and measured.

The imagery, powered by an included handheld tablet, takes 360-degree scans at multiple resolutions and is maximized for speed and precision.

Consistent scan intervals are achieved using the collapsible indexing handle. RootSnap! Software, included with the CI-600, enables rapid and accurate analysis and measurement of roots.

The control modules expand the use of the CI-340 and enable users to modify light intensity, manipulate CO2 and H2O concentrates, adjust the temperature, and measure chlorophyll fluorescence.

RootSnap! Image Analysis Software

Our RootSnap! Image Analysis Software makes it simple to evaluate root parameters including length, width, volume, & diameter.

Researchers and crop consultants use RootSnap! to monitor root growth, disease, dynamics, and behavior over time.

With an intuitive user interface, mapping roots using the multi-touch feature and proprietary “Snap to Root” function is smooth and efficient. Users can easily save and export files to Excel for further statistical analysis.

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