Arbotom 3-D Impulstomograph

Arbotom 3-D Impulstomograph

Non-destructive inspection of the inner conditions of trees

– flexible

– easy to handle

– fast

– precise


Stress waves travel through sound wood faster than through damaged wood. Sensors around the tree measure the time it takes an impulse to travel through the wood and reach the other sensors. The collected data is simultaneously send to a computer which will turn the data into a colored image of the tree’s cross-section.

System components

RINNTECH® offers different packages of the ARBOTOM ®, meeting the different needs and fields of application of its customers.
The amount of sensors varies between 2 and 24 (or 36), with the option of adding more sensors to the system.

All packages include a battery pack with wireless computer connection, a carrying case with wheels, software, sensor pins and accessories.

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