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AmphaTM Z32 – Pollen Analysis Instrumentation

Ampha Z32 – The new benchmark of impedance-based flow cytometry

Amphasys’ new generation flow cytometer is a portable plug & play device designed to blend simplicity with flexibility.

Latest generation digital signal processing electronics are specifically tailored to Amphasys’ high-sensitivity chips, such that best-of-class impedance analysis on single cells is achieved.

The small dimensions of Ampha Z32 and the robustness of the electrical measurement provide a mobile and portable solution for any kind of cell analysis, be it in your laboratory or outside the field.

Designed initially for research purposes, Ampha Z32 is now also particularly suitable for routine applications, where detailed, high-quality cell analysis and ease-of-use are major requirements.

AmphaChip – Patented Technology

  • Different channel dimensions for maximal sensitivity 
  • Semi-disposable, for several hundreds of analyses
  • Suitable for any cell type
  • Small sample volumes


  • Cell size and morphology studies
  • Viability determination
  • Toxicology studies
  • Cell differentiation
  • Apoptosis
  • In-line cell monitoring

Through viability check and pollen count in < 1 minute


Pollen ploidy check and micro-spore development stage determination


No need for incubation


No optics, no calibration and no toxic labels needed


option for automation of up to 192 samples


suitable for analysis in the field or greenhouse

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