Soil Measurement

Automated Aardvark Permeameter


Automated Aardvark Permeameter Product Overview These kit consist of an Aardvark Permeameter Kit (2840K1) for measurements shallower  than 3 m ( 11 ft) or 2840K2 for measurements deeper than 3 m) and a Digital Scale (7201W10) which can be connected to a personal computer (not included) and record the measurements automatically and accurately, using the Simply Data Software

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Automatic Infiltration Meter

Infiltration Meter

Automatic Infiltration Meter The Automatic infiltration Meter (AIM) is an automated solution for the measurement of infiltration rate in soils. The AIM is a convenient solution for infiltration measurements that saves researchers time. The AIM relieves researchers’ time. The AIM relieves researchers of the need to manually monitor their infiltro meter with a stopwatch and notepad. The

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