Environment Measurement

Automatic Weather Station

Automatic Weather Station The new AWS Automatic Weather Station from ICT International provides flexibility, accuracy, and value for money. Ready for Underwater Use. The AWS is supplied with a preconfigured set of sensors for Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Rainfall, and Solar Radiation or PAR. Automatic Weather Station Package Includes: […]

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Quantum (PAR)

MQ-200X Quantum Separate Sensor with Handheld Meter The MQ-200X has a hand-held meter, attached via cable, that displays and stores measurements. The sensor head features a fully potted, domed-shaped design making it fully waterproof, weatherproof and self-cleaning. Typical applications include PPFD measurement over plant canopies in outdoor environments, greenhouses, and growth chambers, and reflected or

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MP-100 Portable Integrated Pyranometer


MP-100 Portable Integrated Pyranometer The MP-100 has a sensor integrated into the top of the housing while the handheld meter displays and stores measurements. The MP-100 is ideally suited for quick and convenient spot measurements of global solar radiation in the range between 380 and 1120nm.   Typical applications of silicon-cell pyranometers include incoming shortwave radiation

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Rain Gauge

PRP-02 Professional Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge The PRP-02 is a professional rain gauge sensor with a unique single spoon tipping bucket that is a reliable low cost high quality rain gauge ideal for small weather stations, rainfall measurement, irrigation/soil moisture management and drain water measurement in drip irrigation. A very accurate and reliable automatic rain

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