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AD-NODE: For High Resolution Analogue & Digital Sensors

For High Resolution Analogue & Digital Sensors

The AD-NODE is designed for those requiring precision in their analogue and digital measurements.

With a 24-bit ADC, the AD-NODE supports two RTDs, a 0–10V with compressing range and a 4–20mA input. Each of the four dry-contact digital inputs is capable of simultaneously sampling at 1 kHz, with periodic reporting. Settings on the device can be altered remotely via LoRaWAN™ or locally via USB.

LoRaWAN™ low-power long-range connectivity;

  • 2x 24-bit RTD;
  • 1x 24-bit Voltage input (0–10 V with compressing range);
  • 1x 24-bit 4 – 20mA;
  • 4x 32-bit dry-contact counting digital inputs, 2 x digital outputs;
  • 400 Hz 3-Axis Accelerometer;
  • AA Lithium Energizer batteries;
  • Fully reconfigurable via LoRaWAN™ downlinks.

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For High Resolution Analogue & Digital Sensors

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